"Baylen Linnekin, an expert in the law of food…"
Seema Iyer, host, MSNBC

"...recognized as a national leader in the food freedom movement."
Prof. Emily Broad Leib

"…very well versed…"
U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME)

"One of the top ten crusaders in the food movement."
Michele Simon, Eat Drink Politics

"The lawyer that keeps an eye on food freedoms in the U.S."

"Linnekin is staking out a sort of middle ground in the food wars."
Kansas City Star

"…a golden voice..."
Dennis Miller, comedian, author, and talk-show host

"...a food expert who doesn't make me want to throw up..."
Windsor Mann, editor, The Quotable Hitchens


Illustration by Anne Elizabeth Moore and Sarah Becan, Truthout.