New 'Academy of Food Law & Policy' Launches Today

I'm excited to announce that today marks the official launch of the Academy of Food Law & Policy.

The organization is one that Emily Broad Leib and I first proposed in our 2014 Wisconsin Law Review article on the history and development of the field of Food Law & Policy. I'm proud to have worked with her and other leaders in the field to make this dream a reality.

The mission of the organization is to promote and further solidify the rapidly expanding legal field of Food Law & Policy.

The Academy of Food Law & Policy, founded in 2016 by leading faculty and scholars in the field, is a membership organization that serves as a forum for individuals and institutions involved in teaching and scholarship in the broad field of Food Law & Policy.

I am one of seven founding members of the board of trustees, and am serving a two-year term on the board. Along with Broad Leib (Harvard Law School) and me, fellow founding board members include faculty from top law schools around the country: Neil Hamilton (Drake Law School), Peter Barton Hutt (Harvard Law School), Michael T. Roberts (UCLA Law School), Susan Schneider (University of Arkansas Law School), and Margaret McCabe (University of New Hampshire Law School).

Learn more about the organization here. I encourage faculty ($50/annual fee) and academic institutions ($350/biennial fee) to join the Academy here.