'Biting the Hands that Feed Us' Named One of Civil Eats' 'Favorite Food and Farm Books of 2016'

I'm thrilled that my book Biting the Hands that Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable has been named one of Civil Eats' "Favorite Food and Farm Books of 2016."

Biting the Hands That Feed Us
By Baylen Linnekin
Laws and regulations are designed to help us, right? When it comes to building a sustainable food movement, that may not always be true. In this provocative book, lawyer Baylen Linnekin makes a case for why U.S. food policy might benefit from a “less is more” approach. He shares examples of how laws have created unnecessary food waste, prevented residents from growing food in home gardens, and overburdened small producers and growers with regulations requiring them to use pricey equipment—instead of less expensive methods that would achieve similar outcomes. Linnekin leaves the reader with guiding principles of how we can transform food policy in a direction that promotes—not inhibits—sustainability.
— Kristine Wong

Biting the Hands that Feed Us has also won plaudits from Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey and "beyond organic" farmer and author Joel Salatin, authors Nina Teicholz and Michele Simon, publications like Huffington Post, Politico, Reason, Men’s Journal, and Acres U.S.A., and book reviewers at Booklist and Foreword. Check out what they've said about Biting the Hands that Feed Us here! And pick up a copy of the book (makes for a terrific holiday gift!) here.